Kim Yoo Jung reassured fans and updated them on her health.

On May 21, the actress posted a photo of a bouquet of flowers and a message. In February, the actress announced that she’d be taking a hiatus to recover from thyroid surgery after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She is a cast member of the upcoming drama “Clean with Passion for Now” (working title), which was originally scheduled to air in April and is currently indefinitely postponed.

She wrote, “I’m saying hello to you for the first time in a while. These days, I’m working hard on my health. I’m always thankful to those who are waiting and cheering for me. I’m also really thankful to the people in the drama team of ‘Clean with Passion for Now’ who are waiting for me. Through ‘Clean with Passion for Now,’ I will meet the fans with a healthier, better appearance.”

She continued, “Also, congratulations to all of you who are celebrating Coming of Age Day. Thank you to everyone congratulated me as well. I’ll work harder to become a better person. (Thank you so much to Laneige for sending me flowers.)” Coming of Age Day is celebrated on the Monday of the third week of May where everyone who turns 20 that year celebrates becoming an adult.

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