On October 7, child actor Kim Yoo Jung from MBC “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” posted pictures of herself in different school uniforms on her mini-hompi. She commented on the pictures, “It is harder to make someone to want to be like me than to want to become someone else myself.” 

The revealed pictures of from a catalogue of a school uniform brand that Kim Yoo Jung is endorsing currently. She looks like a doll with her flawless skin, big, starry eyes, and feminine facial features. She also seems to have lost her baby fat in these pictures, looking more mature and grown-up. 

Netizens commented on Kim Yoo Jung’s school uniform pictorials, “What a goddess,” “Please just keep it this way and become a great actress in the future,” and “She looks the best in school uniforms.”  Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung garnered much attention in “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” and continued to impress viewers and fans with her acting in MBC “May Queen.”