Singer Kim Yoon Ah of Korean rock band Jaurim has caught the eye of netizens lately as she reveals her new look as a blonde.

On the Monday night episode of MBC’s “I Am a Singer” Kim Yoon Ah appeared showing off her exceptional new hairstyle.  Yoon Ah’s hair was cut short and she had transformed into a bleached blonde.

It was revealed that she had been recently chosen as the advertising model for Korean fashion brand ALO Eyewear endorsements.  Her exotic and unconventional appearance was a perfect match to introduce ALO Eyewear’s 2011 ad campaign concept “Be Artistic”.  Kim Yoon Ah is a musician as well as an artist with an image of someone who has a unique sensibility; because of this she represented the concept well in the advertisement’s images.  In the ads Kim Yoon Ah is seen wearing glasses, with her short hair; her top is bare exposing her porcelain white skin which displays her collarbones, the focus and attention is definitely on the product and her.  The fresh new look causes her to be even more stunning and eye-catching.

An ad official explained why he had selected Kim Yoon Ah, “The eyewear company requested a unique model selection, as a musician and a charismatic artist the image of Kim Yoon Ah immediately came to mind.  ‘I Am a Singer’ appeared first, prior to the agreement.”

Recently Jaurim’s upcoming eighth studio album entitled, “Conspiracy” had been announced as the group continues to work on the end result.

Source: Naver