Kim Yoon Ah, the vocalist of the band Jaurim, regrets joining “I Am A Singer.”

Jaurim recently participated in the recording of Mnet’s “Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST.” Kim Yoon Ah revealed during an interview that Yoon Do Hyun (vocalist of the band YB) encouraged her to join the popular MBC variety show, “I Am A Singer.” In the show, seven singers compete with each other by remaking and covering a popular song. Each week the audience votes on the best singer and after two rounds, the singer with the fewest votes is eliminated from the show. YB, who was the first band on the show, survived the competition from its inception in March to their recent elimination in August.

Kim Yoon Ah stated, “When I was first invited to ‘I Am A Singer’, I did not think Jaurim would fit well in the show. So I consulted with Yoon Do Hyun, who said that if Jaurim participates, it will be fun and lots of good things will happen. So we joined and now we regret it!” She elaborated, bringing laughter to the studio, “As soon as we entered the competition, Yoon Do Hyun just left!”

Yoon Do Hyun responded, “I thought Jaurim’s participation in the show would greatly benefit the interest in Korean band music. This is a behind-the-story fact, but I had only told Kim Yoon Ah about YB’s exit. It turns out she didn’t even tell her own band members!”

Jaurim also revealed that when YB left, everyone was sad. Starting from the previous recording of “I Am A Singer,” Yoon Jong Shin started hosting the show but, as Jaurim jokingly said, Yoon Do Hyun was the better MC.

This episode of “Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST” aired on August 30 and also featured singers Lyn and Lee Seung Yeol of the group U & me blue.