Kim Yoon Jin spoke about the upcoming SBS drama “Miss Ma, Goddess of Revenge” (literal title).

She began, “Since it’s my first time filming [a Korean] TV drama in 19 years, it’s ‘way to go, South Korea.’ I didn’t imagine that we’d be shooting 20 scenes a day and they do it quickly too. So whenever I go on set and look at the schedule, I think, ‘We can’t shoot all this. How can we?’ but we do shoot them. While filming American dramas for a little over 10 years, we would shoot a maximum of nine scenes and if they were short, maybe two more. So I think that the cast and crew are amazing for shooting 20 scenes.”

The actress continued, “I’m a fan of Agatha Christie and the script is based on Agatha Christie’s ‘Miss Marple.’ I received writer Park Jin Woo’s script up until the fourth episode and read through them in a heartbeat. ‘Miss Marple’ became ‘Miss Ma’ because it’s being made into a Korean drama. I thought it was a good idea.”

She added, “‘Miss Marple’ doesn’t tell a personal story. In some way, she’s the original ‘girl-crush’ character whose insight and grasp of human psychology are amazing. But they put in the personal story of ‘Miss Ma’ and Korean-ized it in a way that viewers can relate to it. I was amazed while reading writer Park Jin Woo’s writing and the script was so good. We’re still completing filming for episode four, but the scripts are completed until episode 10. I’m sincerely thankful. I was fascinated by writer Park Jin Woo’s amazing reconstruction.”

Kim Yoon Jin concluded, “For a little over 10 years, I was active in American dramas and Korean films. I was really sad that I didn’t have a major TV drama even though I was a Korean actress. I’m filming with the hope that the filming will go well and the drama will receive good reactions so that ‘Miss Ma’ will become Kim Yoon Jin’s major TV drama.”

“Miss Ma” tells the story of a woman who gets falsely accused of killing her daughter. She uses her acute reasoning skills to uncover the truth and make the criminals surrender. It’s Korea’s first ever drama based on Agatha Christie’s “Miss Marple.”

“Miss Ma” will air as the follow-up drama to “Let Me Introduce Her.”

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