Actor Kim Young Kwang appeared on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros where he revealed a big secret.


During the “Guess Me” game, Kim Young Kwang asked the cast to guess what his big secret is.


When the cast failed to figure it out, Kim Young Kwang provided a hint regarding when it happened.

It happened back in 2015.

— Kim Young Kwang


And that was enough for Seo Jang Hoon to come up with the right answer.

I’m 100% sure this is right. ‘Knowing Bros’ started in 2015. I bet he was offered a fixed position in the original cast of the show.

— Seo Jang Hoon


But Kim Young Kwang turned it down without any hesitation, and he revealed why.

I wasn’t very well-known at the time. I wanted to make my name known as an actor rather than variety shows.

— Kim Young Kwang


He certainly accomplished his goals because he’s now known for his many roles in works such as On Your Wedding Day, Room No. 9, and The Secret Life of My Secretary.


Watch the full confession in the clip below: