Actor and model Kim Young Kwang revealed a funny story about why he decided to become a model.

On the June 1 episode of SBS‘s “Healing Camp,” Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang appeared as guests of the MC Sung Yuri. On the show, Kim Young Kwang reveals that he started to model when he was 19 because his “past management company CEO took me to a family restaurant.”

He then continues, “There are family restaurants in Incheon too, but I had never been to them. My first time at that one was amazing and I think my past management company CEO took me there on purpose  to have me work as a model.”

kim young kwang

At this, Lee Soo Hyuk teases, “Young Kwang is a really easy guy. If you want to make him work, all you have to do is buy him a meal at a family restaurant.”

Kim Young Kwang also reminisces, “Back then, I thought that the models took home the clothes that they wore for pictorials. I was that innocent.”

Meanwhile, Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang also phone their good friend Kim Woo Bin on the show, proving their close friendship with each other.

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