2010 Winter Olympics Figure Skating gold medalist, Kim Yuna and rising entertainment star and amazing singer, Lee Seung Gi are getting together to collaborate on a duet song.

The duet song is still in the making and will be used for 2010 World Cup Campaign.They are testing it out as of now. 

The CM song is used from Lee Seung Gi’s 3rd album song ‘Smile Boy’ to experiment and Lee Seung Gi has already completed his part in recording. Kim Yuna has only sung two verses just to test it out. It is not for sure that ‘Smile Boy’ will be used as the CM song and is subject to change.

Recently, Kim Yuna was featured in a song along with Big Bang. If you are still curious about how her voice sounds, here is a clip of Kim Yuna singing with SNSD’s Taeyeon from last year.

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