Son Dambi transformed into a cute and pretty woman for the episode of SBS’ “Kiss and Cry” that was broadcast on July 24th. For this episode, Son Dambi moved away from stronger and sexier concepts, and chose a concept of being a lovely girl who has fallen in love. She skated with her partner to the tune of “Pretty Woman.”

With her partner Cha Oh Reum, Son Dambi made a performance that showed off very difficult skating techniques.

Throughout the show, Son Dambi has been getting the response that she has charisma due to her strong “look” acting. Her eyes are always focused and express a lot of emotions throughout her performances. This particular performance was not different, during moves such as the “lift” she maintained her gaze and was considered a “Strong Heart” by the production team.

The judges commented on the performance, “I enjoyed the fresh performance that seemed like a love story between two young lovers,” “I always anticipate the performances of this team.”

Source: Star News