Japanese Girl groups sure are brave and ready to challenge the “Seniors” even if they are still rookies in the industry.


A team of gravure idols (Japanese models) has just launched a new unit called KNU23, the latest attempt to ride AKB48′s wave of popularity.

KNU23 held their debut event on Saturday at a studio in Tokyo. They announced plans to hold live performances and release CDs in addition to their gravure work. The “KNU” in the group’s name is said to have two meanings. One is an acronym of “keep natural under,” while the other is the more obvious reference to the word “kyonyuu” (“huge breasts”), as all of the members are reported as having G cups or larger.

The unit’s structure has a school theme, with the initial members being called the “1st year” and being divided into “Class P” and “Class X.” The group plans to have its own “senbatsu” (election) process to decide on 5-8 members to serve as the “student council,” and future auditions will be referred to as “entrance ceremonies.” KNU23 currently has 16 members.

The student council consists of leader Rina Maruyama (20), Hikari Kusunoki (18), Megumi Suzumoto (20), Hina Ueda (22), Rena Ueda (21), Marina Yamasaki (22), and Kana Hojo (21).

This sure is…strange…but oh well who knows?

S: Sanpo

Credits to JpopFun!