Two weeks ago the Korean Box office was dominated by films such as Transformers 3 and Harry Potter, however a lot of attention is currently focused on two Korean blockbuster films “The Frontline” and “Quick.”

According to KOFIC, “The Frontline” is currently number two on the box office with 84,484 viewers and “Quick” following closely with 81,824 viewers.

As of the weekend of July 23rd “The Frontline” was playing on 552 screens. “Quick” was playing on 479 so it seems that the two films actually don’t have such a big difference in terms of movie viewers.

“The Frontline” first opened on July 20th and had 96,490 viewers while “Quick” had 65,509. Many industry experts believe that “Quick” might surpass “The Frontline” however there are many other blockbuster films that will be playing such as “First Avenger” and “Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild.” Currently the film industry is interested as to whether “Harry Potter” will continue to stay up at number one this coming weekend.

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Here is the trailer for “The Frontline”



Here is the trailer for “Quick”



Source: Star News