Yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment” covered the topic of female Korean idols’ extremely short outfits and the secrets to looking great in them. Korean celebrities are often seen donning short shorts or miniskirts in dramas, music videos, concerts, and at the airports. These dangerously short bottoms expose the celebs’ long and slender legs, making guys googly-eyed and girls green with envy. 

However, many fans were probably unaware that body makeup is a key ingredient in creating the stars’ perfectly long, perfectly slender legs. The stylist explained that “leg makeup is vital” for any female celebrity who plans on wearing short shorts or miniskirts. 

To portray bright, healthy legs, they must be fully moisturized. As a result, the first step in leg makeup is to apply ample amounts of moisturizer. Then apply a darker tone of foundation on the sides of the legs to make your legs appear slimmer. Lastly, apply a lighter shade of foundation and oil to the center parts of your legs. The stylist added, “You use up a lot of products [for leg makeup]. So for girl groups with many members, they tend to run out of products, which we normally would use for several months, within a week.”