SHINee is known for their legions of Shawols – but being a boy group, it was only natural that they had more female fans. However, on a YouTube show, a rare SHINee fan boy was asked to how and why he had entered the fandom. He revealed that at first, he was apprehensive towards the group given that the title of the song translated was “Noona is so pretty“.

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He was taken aback by the title…

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…but also the name “SHINee”. However, one day, he coincidentally tuned in to their live performance on a music show.

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He praised the choreography and dance for being powerful.

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But what really shocked him was when he saw Jonghyun.

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Due to Jonghyun’s handsome looks, the fanboy immediately assumed that Jonghyun was the center.

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But once Jonghyun started to do the ad-libs, he realized that Jonghyun was the main vocal!

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Ever since then, Jonghyun became his bias!

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Who can blame this fan boy? Jonghyun’s visuals were perfect right from debut.


Can you believe he was only 19 when this photo was taken?

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SHINee has recently reunited as a 4 after the military discharge of Minho and Key. The group will continue to promote in the future. Taemin has also recently released a solo album and is now promoting his song, “IDEA”. Rest in peace, Jjong!