According to Daegu Central Police, a man in his 50s, who is infected with the coronavirus, left self-quarantine to line up for masks at a local post office.


When interviewed by a reporter on-site, the man revealed that he was infected with the coronavirus and that he came to buy more masks.

I was confirmed for COVID-19. I came out to buy more masks.

– Daegu Man


Once the reporter heard this, they immediately advised the man to go back home and alerted the police.


The police took an in-depth look into the case and confirmed that the man was indeed diagnosed with the virus.


Shortly after the confirmation, the man was forcibly taken to a local clinic by ambulance.

±³¹Îµé À̼ÛÇÏ´Â ±¸±ÞÂ÷ Çà·Ä


As for the reporter who interviewed the man, it’s been confirmed that they will be kept in self-isolation until their results come out.