When Korea Now sat down with Park Yangwoo, the Korean Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the interviewer was very surprised to learn that he’s a true ARMY.

The Korea Now interviewer spent much of the video talking about the impact of BTS on Korean culture. Naturally, she also asked Minister Park Yangwoo if he knows much about BTS himself. The Minister was quick to say he’s definitely an ARMY and has listened to “ON”, “Boy With Luv”, and “Fake Love” a lot.


As Korea’s Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, I can’t help being a fan of BTS. The Korean government recognizes the contribution that BTS has made in advancing the nation’s pop culture and arts.

— Park Yangwoo, Minister of Culture

But to be sure he’s a true ARMY, the interviewer had to quiz him first. She brought out several photos of BTS and asked Park Yangwoo to guess who they were, seemingly expecting him to struggle with the test. But the Minister defied all expectations.


As soon as he saw RM’s photo, he knew exactly who it was.


Yes, I think all the people around the world know his name. He is the leader, RM. We have to know about him.

— Park Yangwoo, Minister of Culture

Next, she brought out Jimin’s photo, and the Minister was quick off the mark again.


Yes, wonderful guy. He’s Jimin.

— Park Yangwoo, Minister of Culture

When the interviewer expressed her shock, Minister Park Yangwoo said “everybody has to know his name”.


Thoroughly convinced that the Minister of Culture is a true ARMY, she didn’t ask him to guess anymore names. But it definitely seems like Park Jangwoo would’ve known all their names. The two also talked about the impact of BTS in Korean society.


When the interviewer asked Park Yangwoo what inspired him to dedicate his life to this position, he also credited BTS as one of the figures making South Korean culture so important.


Culture can make people happy as well as a country prosperous and strong. In fact, a lot of Korean culture content such as the film Parasite and the songs of BTS are making that possible.

— Park Yangwoo, Minister of Culture

Park Yangwoo went on to say that without BTS, the Korean Wave wouldn’t be as big as it is today. He praised the group for their unique artistry, which encompasses the culture of South Korea and differs so greatly from Western music.


First and foremost, the music itself is original. BTS’s singing, rap, and dance differ from what has been done in the West. I firmly believe the popularity of BTS among people outside Korea is due to the fact that the band is set within Korea’s unique cultural framework.

— Park Yangwoo, Minister of Culture

Continuing to talk about why BTS is so popular worldwide, Park Yangwoo discussed how the group’s message truly speaks to today’s young people. Including such universal sentiments in their songs is why, according to Park Yangwoo, so many people “can relate to them and like them”.


Then, there is the message in the songs. For example, the Love Yourself series offers a message of hope and courage for overcoming the anxieties and confusion experienced by teenagers and young adults.

— Park Yangwoo, Minister of Culture

Finally, the Minister of Culture said the way BTS communicates with ARMYs online continues to grow the global fandom bigger and bigger.


Another factor is the changing ways of distributing and consuming music. BTS uses YouTube and other online platforms to promote their music and communicate actively with fans. This has led to the global fandom phenomenon.

— Park Yangwoo, Minister of Culture

Watch the full interview (in English) for yourself here!