After news spread that Japan is considering imposing stricter export controls on products bound to South Korea, many Korean consumers have started boycotting Japanese goods altogether. On top of that, they are requesting that Japanese members in K-Pop groups withdraw from their groups.

The biggest targets for this boycott are TWICE‘s Sana, Momo, and Mina, as well as IZ*ONE‘s Sakura, Hitomi, and Nako.

twice japan line

Numerous netizens have stated that they should return to Japan and should not be paid as workers in Korea. Many also say that Japanese culture should also be boycotted with the products in Korea.

Go do everything for Japan.

-Korean Netizen

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There are, however, numerous netizens who think it is wrong to involve innocent celebrities on matters that do not involve them, and that they should not be blamed for what the Japanese government is doing just because they are Japanese.