Cardi B‘s “WAP” has been taking the world by storm as many are participating in the viral “WAP Challenge”. So far, many Korean female artists have uploaded their versions of the challenge, including CLC‘s Seungyeon and former After School‘s Kahi.

This time, a challenge uploaded by TOO‘s Woongi is gaining attention, but not for what you think. Of course he does the challenge perfectly – but the camerawork stole the show.

Woongi starts off with the familiar high kick dance move, followed by a drop to the floor.

Things take a turn however as the camera switches the focus to his face instead of the twerking dance move.

The same pattern repeats right as he moves into the floor twerking.

Netizens couldn’t help but laugh at how swiftly the cameraman tried to protect their artists’ dignity, in a humorous way.

Even the last scene was perfect as the camera panned to the ceiling before the final pose.

Netizens not only praised the camerawork but also Woongi for his cuteness.

Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 5.14.12 PM

  • “Ah the camera kkkkk”
  • “This is f*cking funny”
  • “I’ll acknowledge the conservative camerawork”
  • “conservative cam kkkkkkk”
  • “ah so cute kkkkkk”

Watch the full clip below for yourself!

TOO is a 10 member boy group under n.CH Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment, created from the reality show World Klass. Check out their music video for “Magnolia” below.