With summer drawing to a close, many people’s “beach body” diets are coming to an end too. But, the seasonal health kick has inspired Korean netizens to vote on which singers, actors, and TV stars have been the most successful at losing weight in the past. Here’s the final top 10 verdict, along with how much each star lost and the diet plan they followed.

10. Sam Hammington

With 2% of the votes, TV personality Sam Hammington was ranked the 10th most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss. | @samhammington/Instagram

In July this year, Hammington revealed he’d lost 22kg (48.5 lbs) in just a few months. Originally weighing 120kg (264 lbs), Hammington decided to lose weight to improve his health for his sons’ sake. He told fans he still eats three meals a day, so it’s likely he lost weight simply by switching to healthier foods.

After the weight loss. | @samhammington/Instagram

9. Go Kyung Pyo

With 4% of the votes, actor Go Kyung Po was ranked the 9th most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss.

In a 2016 interview, Go explained how he lost 15kg (33 lbs). Instead of giving up his daily meals, he decided to quit late-night snacking and stop drinking alcohol. He also picked up an impressive exercise regime, running and walking 3 to 4km per day.

After the weight loss.

8. Yoo Jae Hwan

With 5% of the votes, TV personality Yoo Jae Hwan was ranked the 8th most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss. | @juvisdiet/Instagram

Back in August last year, Yoo announced he’d lost an amazing 32kg (70 lbs)—the highest amount on this list. It wasn’t easy, since he suffered from back problems, gout, hypersensitivity, and irritable bowel syndrome. However, with a strict diet and as much exercise as he could, he managed the incredible feat.

After the weight loss. | @juvisdiet/Instagram

7. Goo Hye Sun

With 5% of the votes, actress Goo Hye Sun was ranked the 7th most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss.

This year, Goo told her Instagram followers she’d lost 11kg (24 lbs) after beginning a diet due to knee pain. To do so, she skipped both lunches and dinners, only eating breakfast. She also used diet supplements and began exercising more. However, Ku Hye Sun’s new weight of 46.7kg puts her in the “underweight” category for her height, leaving many fans worried.

After the weight loss. | @goohyesun_84/Instagram

6. Noh Yoo Min (NRG)

With 6% of the votes, NRG‘s Noh Yoo Min was ranked the 6th most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss. | 쥬비스

All the way back in 2015, Noh revealed he’d lost 28kg (62 lbs) to achieve his goal weight of 70kg (154 lbs). Netizens were thoroughly impressed with his new appearance at the time, and he’s recently been praised for maintaining the weight loss for the past 5 years.

After the weight loss. | 쥬비스

5. Shindong (Super Junior)

With 7% of the votes, Super Junior‘s Shindong was ranked the 5th most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss. | 쥬비스

In January this year, Shindong told fans he’d lost 30kg (66 lbs) and counting since beginning his diet. To do so, he explained that he ate an equal amount of food for each meal and paced them throughout the day. He also tried to improve his sleep and weighed himself every morning and night. He also decided to forgo working out, stating that people might get suspicious if he lost weight too fast.

After the weight loss. | 쥬비스

4. Ahn Jung Hwan

With 11% of the votes, TV personality and former footballer Ahn Jung Hwan was ranked the 4th most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss. | 중앙포토

In July this year, Ahn’s wife revealed how he lost 8kg (17.5 lbs) on her Instagram page—a combination of exercising, drinking kombucha, taking diet enzymes, and using his willpower.

After the weight loss. | @leehyewon2002/Instagram

3. Jo Se Ho

With 12% of the votes, comedian Jo Se Ho was ranked the 3rd most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss.

Not only did Jo Se Ho lose around 15kg (33 lbs) of body fat, he also gained a lot of muscle. To get there, he exercised steadily for around six months. For breakfast, he ate kale, broccoli, onion juice, boiled tomatoes, and bananas. He followed up with a specialized diet lunch before eating beef for dinner.

After the weight loss. | @chosaeho/Instagram


With 15% of the votes, streamer GAMST was ranked the 2nd most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss.

Suffering from a range of health problems, from high blood pressure to liver issues, GAMST decided to lose weight. Over the course of around a year, he went from around 103kg (227 lbs) to 79kg (174 lbs), completely transforming his health and appearance.

Before the weight loss. | @gamst17172/Instagram

1. Rain

And with 23% of the votes, Rain was ranked the #1 most successful star at losing weight.

Before the weight loss.

In April this year, Rain told fans he succeeded in losing 10kg, returning to the weight he was at 20 years old (18 years ago). He later held a live broadcast to show fans which exercises he did and what he ate to shift the weight.

After the weight loss. | @rain_oppa/Instagram