Despite the coronavirus outbreak in Korea, many citizens were spotted enjoying the cherry blossom season along the Han River, and a nurse had plenty of criticism for those not taking the virus seriously.


The nurse, Ms. A took to her Twitter account to express her rage toward the citizens who went out to play despite the dangers of COVID-19.


The posts read as follows:

For those who think, ‘What are the chances?’, I hope you go to the hospital for treatment and they tell you, ‘What are you the chances?’

My colleague nurse’s husband has COVID-19, and is currently breathing through a respirator. But she still works at the hospital. You feel stuffy? You have to go out and see flowers? Can you even call yourself human?

You want to see flowers because the weather is nice? How is that any different from drinking and driving? Patients who need treatment and care at the hospital can’t even get what they need, and we’re losing medical professionals. There are no spots or equipment at the hospital. If this COVID-19 crisis doesn’t get solved, those of you who went out to see the flowers are the ones who killed innocent people.

You might ask if it’s that horrible to go out and see flowers because you felt stuffy at home. well, it is. You’re not the only one feeling stuffy. You can see the flowers next year. It’s not like there won’t be flowers next year. We’re here risking our lives to work, but you’re out there looking at flowers. If you get sick, don’t come to the hospital. Just die quietly at home. We don’t have any more equipment.

If you get some other kind of illness while looking at flowers, you can come to the hospital, but there are so many patients with COVID-19 that you’ll just die. Do you think you’re fine as long as you don’t get COVID-19? No way. There are no more spots at the hospital.

– Nurse


Despite the coronavirus outbreak in Korea, many people were spotted near the Han River as well as other locations enjoying the nice weather and looking at the cherry blossoms.


As a result, parks in both Seoul, Busan, and other major cities have decided to shut down for the season.


Korea’s current number of coronavirus cases stands at 9887.