All the BLACKPINK members are definitely world class visuals, but one thing that sets them apart is how each one has their own unique vibe. With their luxurious visuals and styles, YouTube plastic surgeon team Dr. Trio think that each BLACKPINK member looks like the daughter of a wealthy family. However, according to these beauty experts, all the members look like they come from different countries.


According to Dr. Trio, Jisoo’s beauty is flawless with “no drawbacks”—no surprises there!

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Dr. Deok Jun was enamored by how young and cute Jisoo looks with a bright, beautiful smile on her face.

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As for the country she looks like she’s from, Dr. Woo Seon decided that Jisoo has the “beauty of Korea” inside her, likening her to a young Joseon Dynasty princess.

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The main visual point Dr. Trio pointed out for Jennie is her duality.

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Dr. Si Wan said she has two images at once—one is a cute, fresh, youthful image, and the other is a sexy and charismatic image.

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According to the plastic surgeons, Jennie looks like the daughter of a rich businessman from the United States of America.

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Dr. Woo Seon, the dermatologist of Dr. Trio, was quick to point out how clear and pale Rosé’s skin is.

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He said that the color of her foundation matches the tone of her body—a sure sign of naturally bright skin. Together, the team agreed her pure face looks just like that of a cosmetics model.

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Because of her upper-class image, the plastic surgeon team deemed her the daughter of a rich British family. Dr. Si Wan said she has the image of a rose in a garden.

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One thing about Lisa that left a big impression on Dr. Trio’s is her smile. According to Dr. Si Wan, it’s just like the cool morning sun.

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Like Jennie, the doctors said Lisa can give off a range of different vibes, from high school student to career woman.

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Lisa is from Thailand, and that Dr. Si Wan felt her popularity when he visited the country. So, it should come as no surprise that Dr. Trio said she looks like the daughter of a rich Thai family.

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