Stunning actress Chae Jung Ahn exuded her seductive and chic charms in a recent photospread for magazine “Women Sense.”

The gorgeous actress showed off her ultra chic beauty through her bold smokey makeup and stylish black and white outfits. It’s been told that the staff members at the set, captivated by her feminine beauty and irresistible sexiness, silently gazed at her throughout the shooting.

Chae Jung Ahn was praised as “Korea’s Blake Lively” from the staff members for radiating her chic and sexy beauty. She brightened up the ambience at the set through her cheerful and lively spirit.

Meanwhile, Chae Jung Ahn opened up about her recent thoughts and personal changes since her appearance in the drama “Queen of Reversals,” as well as her determination to start out fresh as an actress with a rookie mindset.

Chae Jung Ahn’s eye-catching femme fatale photospread can be viewed in the July issue of “Woman Sense.”