Actress Gong Hyo Jin and actor Ryu Seung Bum announced their split after  a 10 year-relationship.

On August 15, a representative of both actors told the press, “They actually broke up last April. As it is often the case, they broke up because they weren’t able to see each other often because of their busy working life.” He then added, “Even though it’s their decision as a couple and their personal life, after receiving love from the general public as the representative couple for 10 years, Gong Hyo Jin and Ryu Seung Bum both felt sorry towards their fans as they couldn’t give back the love they received by showing a better image.”

Their respective agencies revealed that the couple split four months ago but it was only announced now to give them some space and privacy, “The decision of breaking up was a hard one for both of them. Making the break up public would have only added to their pain and would have been a burden to them, that’s why they hesitated.” He continued by saying, “They both want to remain friends and they will greet you with a better image through their upcoming activities.”

The two stars met in 2001 on the set of SBS‘s drama “Wonderful Days” and started to get to know each other at the time.  Both were known for their unique and distinctive personalities and received a lot of love and support from the general public. They announced their break up in 2003 but rumors of them still dating surfaced later. The couple soon released news of their reunion in 2008.

Netizens shocked by the news commented, “They looked so good together. Why in the world, why?” “I feel really sad. I had a feeling that something was up but would have never known this would happen,” “I can’t see them dating others,” “I wish them all the happiness,” “Waw, I’m really shocked. I thought they would get married soon.”