Koyote is ready to resume activities as a full team this month. This is the first time that the group is reforming with all three members being present since their last album release in 2006.

Bbaegka went into hiatus after a tumor was found in his brain in December of 2009. He underwent surgery in January last year and has been in recovery since then. He is currently busy working on Koyote’s new album, scheduled for a release this month.

Kim Jongmin, on the other hand, fulfilled his mandatory military service in 2007. During that time, Shinji went on with solo activities. She also worked with Bbaegka to promote as a two-man team. Jongmin was released from the military in 2009 and has been busy with solo activities since then.

It has been five years since all three members (Shinji, Jongmin, Bbaegka) have performed onstage as a group and released an album together. Their last release was the album “I Love Rock N Roll” in 2006. Their comeback this month will be their first release as a trio since “I Love Rock N Roll.”

Source: Newsen