Koyote’s Shinji is making her long-awaited solo comeback!

On June 1, a source at Shinji’s agency KYT Entertainment shared that Shinji has recovered from laryngopharyngitis, a kind of throat inflammation, and is preparing her solo album.

“Fortunately, Shinji recovered from laryngopharyngitis and became healthy,” they said. “The album is scheduled to be released in June but the specifics haven’t been decided yet.”

Shinji had collapsed on May 4 due to aggravated laryngopharyngitis. At the time, her agency said they would concentrate on her treatment. “We will stop all promotions for a while due to Shinji’s bad health conditions. Koyote’s comeback may also be delayed,” they had said.

With Shinji back in her good shape, preparations for Koyote’s comeback is also expected to be back on track. Shinji’s solo comeback will be the first in three years since July 2015 when she released her single “#pit-a-pat.”

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