Bae Yoon Jung is one of the most famous and renowned choreographers in K-Pop. After working with many of the biggest names on the second-generation K-Pop scene, she also became a dance trainer on Produce 101 and Produce 48. Now, in a recent appearance on MBC‘s Video Star, Bae Yoon Jung has revealed the six female idols who are the slowest learners when it comes to choreography.

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There is always at least one person in a group who just can’t keep up with the new choreography.

— Bae Yoon Jung

1. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Alongside being the lead rapper and vocalist of Girl’s Day when the group was still active, Hyeri was also the main dancer. So, it may come as a shock to hear that Bae Yoon Jung says she was one of the slowest learners in the group. Perhaps Hyeri took her time while learning to perfect the choreography as much as she could.

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2. Yura (Girl’s Day)

Yura’s key position in Girl’s Day was main rapper, but she was also the group’s lead dancer. On top of that, she majored in dance at Ulsan Art High School as a teenager and even used to be a ballet dancer in her youth. Yet, Bae Yoon Jung says she was also one of the slowest in the group at learning choreography.

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3. Boram (T-ARA)

As the vocalist and sub-rapper of T-ARA, Boram naturally wasn’t expected to be one of the group’s best dancers. According to Bae Yoon Jung, she was one of the two slowest members in the group when it came to learning dances.

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4. Qri (T-ARA)

The other slowest member, says Bae Yoon Jung, was Qri. Qri was T-ARA’s leader and vocalist, and originally got her start in the industry as a model. So, it’s likely that she didn’t have as much time to train in performance as her fellow members.

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5. Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)

Out of all groups, Bae Yoon Jung says she “struggled the most with Brown Eyed Girls“, deeming them “unbelievable in a different way“. One of the members who had the most difficulties learning choreography was Miryo. Of course, Miryo’s focus was rap rather than dance. She was originally a member of a legendary underground hip-hop group and later became the only female producer on Show Me the Money‘s first season.

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6. JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)

The other Brown Eyed Girls member who Bae Yoon Jung named as slow was leader and main vocalist JeA. JeA was known to have problems with her Achilles tendons (the tissue connecting her calf to her heel), so it’s no surprise she struggled with dancing. Bae Yoon Jung says that thankfully, the members’ great stage expressions were able to cover “their poor dancing skills“.

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That was when [Brown Eyed Girls] were trying to switch to a performance group. So, they had no idea about how dance worked. Actually, if you watch Brown Eyed Girls’ performances, you’ll notice that the girls don’t dance much. The dancers behind them move a lot.

— Bae Yoon Jung