It must be comeback season, because numerous groups are dropping new music. This means new choreography, new outfits, new stages, and a new era. We all have similar experiences before a comeback of our favorite artists. Here are the five phases we cycle through before the fateful comeback day.

1. Curiosity

When your favorite group has been quiet for a while, we all get a little curious and start speculating: What are they up to?

You might see a picture of your bias wearing a hat, and speculate new hair colors are on the horizon. This could only mean one thing: It’s comeback time.

2. Fear

Disclaimer: It’s totally normal if your heart starts to race a few minutes before 12 AM KST.

Knowing that something may happen but not knowing what is sometimes too much for our weak hearts.

3. Anticipation

The time has come– they have finally dropped a schedule showing which day there will be concept photos, album teasers, or any other exciting new content.

Example of a comeback timetable.

The only thing left is…waiting. Oh, the agony.

4. Pain

Once the concept photos are released, looking at your bias’ new hairstyle may cause pain, so tread wisely.

Things such as album spoilers, music video teasers, and tracklists may also be released around this time which can cause extra damage.

5. Sheer Joy

When all of the anticipation pays off, the music video and album are finally released. Cue the moment of pure bliss as you scream for 3 minutes and 23 seconds straight.

You have now entered the promotional period! For that, our advice ends here. We wish you good luck, soldier.