November 2020 is almost over, and it was a month full of great K-Pop comebacks! Fortunately there is still plenty to look forward to before the end of the year is here. Here are 18 comebacks to look forward to in the last month of 2020!

December 1: BoA Album Release

1. atBoAofficial

On December 1 at 6PM KST, BoA will be coming back with her 10th album called Better.

December 1: ONEUS Single Release


Also on December 1 at 6PM KST, ONEUS will be releasing their 1st digital single called “뿌셔(BBUSYEO)”.

December 1: Taeyeon & Gunho Single Release

6PM on December 1 is going to be a busy day! At this time, Taeyeon and Gunho will also be releasing a collaboration called “2528, 3544 (My phone number is still the same(내 번호 아직 그대로야))”. Taeyeon is also scheduled to release an album sometime in December as well.

December 1: VANNER Album Release

Finally on December 1 at 6PM, VANNER will be releasing their 2nd single album 생(生) along with the title track “Form”.

December 2: NiziU Debut


On December 2, the Japanese group based under JYP Entertainment will be making their official debut with the single “Step and a Step”.

December 2: Standing Egg Single Release

Also on December 2 at 6PM KST, Standing Egg will release the new single “Reminiscence (어제의 우리들)”.

December 4: KATIE Album Release


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On December 4 at 2PM KST, KATIE will be having a comeback with the EP Our Time is Blue along with the title track “Our Time”.

December 7: IZ*ONE Album Release

On December 7 at 6PM KST, IZ*ONE will make a comeback with their 4th mini-album ‘One-reeler’ / Act IV.

December 7: The Boyz Single Release

Also on December 7, The Boyz will release a winter special song called “Christmassy!”.

December 9: SF9 Japanese Album Release


On December 9, SF9 will make a comeback with their 3rd Japanese album 『GOLDEN ECHO』, with the title track being a Japanese version of “Summer Breeze”.

December 10: Chungha Pre-Release Single


On December 10, Chungha will be coming out with the pre-release single “X” in anticipation of her 1st studio album [ QUERENCIA ] which will release on January 4, 2021.

December 10: Baek Yerin Album Release


On December 10 at 6PM KST, Baek Yerin will be coming out with her 2nd full-length album called [tellusboutyourself].

December 10: GHOST9 Album Release


Also on December 10, GHOST9 will be making a comeback with their 2nd mini-album [PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL].

December 23: NCT 127 Japanese Album Release

On December 23, NCT 127 will be coming out with their 2nd Japanese mini-album 『LOVEHOLIC』.

TBA: Super Junior Album Release

Sometime in December, Super Junior will be releasing their 10th album, The Renaissance. They already came out with the pre-release single “우리에게 (The Melody)” on November 6.



There’s no official date yet, but sometime in December TREASURE will also be having a comeback.

TBA: Baek A Yeon Comeback


There’s also no scheduled date yet, but Baek A Yeon is planning on making a comeback in December as well.

TBA: Lee Seung Gi Album Release


And lastly, though there is also no date yet, Lee Seung Gi will be coming out with his 7th album sometime in December. He already came out with the pre-release single for the album, “뻔한 남자 (Cliché Man)”, on November 15.