A K-Pop fan was recently hospitalized after trying to eat the diet of one of her favorite idols. Now she is advising others not to attempt diets made famous by idols.

Content creator Borararax2 filmed a vlog in which she tried a meal plan inspired by a K-Pop idol. Already on a restricted diet, she has been slowly reintroducing some foods.

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She chose to follow the diet of GOT7‘s Jackson Wang for just three days. By the second day, she already started to feel sick and ended up in the hospital. At the start of the diet, everything seemed to be okay as she was mainly cutting out carbs and high fructose.

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Jackson’s go-to breakfast is his “detox shakes,” which contain a ton of fruits and vegetables. Borararax2 believes that this is one of the main things that affected her body so negatively.

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She shared that she is not supposed to consume foods that contain sugar. Fruits like apples and pears actually consist of lots of sugar, even if it’s naturally occurring. It doesn’t help any that so many store-bought meals contain sugar too. In her now-viral TikTok video, she explained that the types of food that she was eating were consumed in so much excess that her food intolerances acted up.

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After Borararax2 became ill, she went to the hospital and ended up having to get surgery which included having to get a tube shoved down her throat. Additionally, she had several breath tests to examine both glucose and lactose intolerances. It was discovered that she was not supposed to have any of the foods that she had been eating during the diet.

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If you’re thinking about trying any type of diet, it’s best to consult a doctor first. It’s also important to remember that everyone’s body is different.

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