50 K-Pop acts ranging from rock, hip-hop, r&b, and electronic are now available on iTunes Stores worldwide, thanks to DFSB Kollective.

From the mainstream, there is Epik High, Moon Hee Jun, Brown Eyed Girls, Tasha, DJ DOC, etc. From the underground: Drunken Tiger, No Brain, Huckleberry Finn, Seoul Electronic Band, and other indie and experimental artists. Also, check out the world premiere of the latest albums of these acts: Epik High: ‘Map The Soul’, Tasha:Please Don’t Go’, and Seoul Electronic Band:Life is Strange’.

For complete list of the artists, click here: http://www.dfsb.kr/clients

Visit the iTunes store using SOOMPI’s affiliate link: http://bit.ly/2iSSg (this will open your iTunes app :: thanks for your support!)

Let’s lend our support to Korean music industry and help them fight against illegal music downloads. =)

From an artistic angle, Korean music becoming widely available for international distribution presents a very positive opportunity. With talented local musicians often undervalued in the sluggish local market, recognition abroad will help revitalize the homegrown music scene.” – Kim Jakka, pop culture critic.
For niche genres such as electronic and indie rock, instead of aiming only at local audiences, there may be more potential in targeting foreign fans. In markets such as America, Europe, and Japan, electronic and indie rock are mainstream, ‘popular’ music genres so this really energizes the creative spirit of many Korean artists.” – Lee GilSeok, Oh! Records President
In the past, trying to sell K-Pop music abroad involved jumping through many hoops and hurdles. By offering direct access to 22 different countries via the iTunes Store, we can now provide K-Pop artists a more efficient, effective way to boost their success beyond Korea.” – Cho Bernie, DFSB Kollective President.