Most people act a lot different when they’re drunk. And there are all kinds of drunk “types” – the happy drunk, giggly drunk, sad drunk, angry drunk… And sometimes, people can act differently each time that they drink! Here are 12 idols who apparently have some odd or unusual habits when they drink, or at least had a strange drunk incident at one time.

1. SHINee’s Key


Reports say that Key starts acting very cutesy when drunk… and sometimes starts stripping off his clothes.

2. GFRIEND’s Yuju


Sadly, Yuju is said to cry when she is drunk!

3. MONSTA X’s Shownu


Shownu apparently throws the other members to bed when intoxicated.

4. Block B’s Zico


They say it was only done once, but Zico made a delicious dessert… of a seaweed-wrapped cookie.

5. EXO’s Xiumin


People accuse Xiumin of repeating himself over… and over… and over… and over… when he’s under the influence. But usually, he’s talking about deep emotional things.

6. SHINee’s Onew


Apparently this was also only a one-time thing, but Onew once unpeeled an entire box of oranges that his fellow members had trouble eating the entirety of.

7. BTS’s Jin


Reportedly Jin just ends up getting extremely talkative when he’s drunk, and gets clingy with the other members.

8. Block B’s P.O.


People say P.O. starts kissing the cheeks of people around him when he gets tipsy, before paying the tab and then going home.

9. VIXX’s Ravi


Ravi just ends up expressing to his other members how much he loves them when he’s drunk. How sweet!

10. SEVENTEEN’s DK and Seungkwan


When these two drink together, it’s said that they start arguing… about who is the better drinker.

11. Girls’ Day’s Hyeri


Hyeri reportedly starts reacting to things in extreme ways when she’s drunk, and once called someone at 5 in the morning.