While it’s only been over a month into 2021, there have been many surprising confessions made by K-Pop idols this year. Here are 5 of these confessions.

1. Former Apink member Hong Yukyung revealing what her original plans were

hong yoo
Former Apink member Hong Yukyung

Hong Yukyung originally debuted as a member of Apink in 2011 but left the group in 2013. Apink’s agency stated that Hong Yukyung left to pursue her studies, but Hong Yukyung’s father said that his daughter was kicked out of the group by the agency. Apink’s agency never responded to the claims made by Hong Yukyung’s father, and the speculations were never truly resolved.

hong yoo 1
Hong Yukyung as a member of Apink

Hong Yukyung recently guested on the YouTube channel Allympic, and she shared that she’s still cheering on Apink to this day. She also revealed that she was offered to re-debut in another group after leaving Apink but ultimately decided to reject the offer since it could have harmed Apink.

I was worried re-debuting would harm Apink. I wanted to go for it again. I think I was dreaming. I was worried that if I joined another group, I’d never be able to rejoin Apink.

— Hong Yukyung

Former Apink member Hong Yukyung

Hong Yukyung also shared that she wanted to one day rejoin Apink.

That’s why I wanted to succeed. I wanted to succeed and cheer on Apink with a pure heart. I also wanted to succeed so that I could rejoin them one day.

— Hong Yukyung

Hong Yukyung is now no longer an idol and is set to debut as a fashion designer!

2. Somi revealing the truth behind an infamous Produce 101 scene


When Somi was a participant in Produce 101 in 2016, for the preview of episode six, there was a scene where Somi looked like she was about to “fight” someone.

Viewers were curious about what happened, but this scene never got released other than in the preview. Viewers have been curious for several years about the truth about this scene, and Somi finally revealed what really happened!

Somi as a participant in Produce 101

During a recent Instagram live, Somi revealed that she staged the whole thing! Somi told the director that she would act angry and that the scene should be put in the preview of an episode to grab attention. The director encouraged Somi to go through with her plan, and the scene actually got used!

Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

3. Kim Hyun Joong sharing that hearing his phone ring scares him

kim hyun
Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong recently appeared in KBS‘s Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller. During the episode, he spoke about when he saved a civilian’s life with his CPR knowledge.

I was outside waiting for a driver after I had finished eating dinner with some acquaintances when I heard a loud crash sound coming from inside the restaurant. When I went inside, I saw that there was a man lying rigidly on the floor. All I could think about was saving his life so I started performing CPR. I had been practicing it constantly with my diving so it came instinctively. I performed it for about 3 minutes but there was no response and I got really scared.

— Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong also revealed what his honest thoughts were during the situation.

During that time, I started to think honestly about myself and my current situation. I was really scared because I thought, ‘am I getting involved in something I shouldn’t be getting involved in’. Since he wasn’t responding, I started to think selfishly. All I could think about was saving myself. Thankfully, after about 7-8 minutes, the man got up after I performed CPR. I was embarrassed that I had those types of selfish thoughts so I left the place in a hurry.

— Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong

After saving the civilian’s life, Kim Hyun Joong started receiving a lot of phone calls. Kim Hyun Joong then revealed that he gets terrified whenever he hears his phone ring due to the incident with his ex-girlfriend. In 2014, Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend claimed that he had physically abused her. Kim Hyun Joong was later acquitted of all the charges, but his image was tarnished after this incident.

After that day, the phone rang continuously but I got scared. After the incident (ex-girlfriend), anytime the phone rings for me, I get terrified. I turned off my phone and drank soju so that I could fall asleep quickly. The next day, I found out that I was ranking #1 on search engines but I couldn’t get myself to click on it to find out why. Later on, my manager informed me that I was making headlines for saving a person’s life.

— Kim Hyun Joong

4. LOONA’s Gowon revealing how she felt debuting after training for only 2 weeks

LOONA’s Gowon

LOONA’s Gowon was only a trainee for two weeks before she debuted. In a recent interview, she revealed that debuting this quickly was difficult for her since she didn’t feel ready.

I continued to think that I was not ready yet. I felt that my dancing skills and singing skills were not enough yet.

— LOONA’s Gowon

LOONA’s Gowon

Gowon also shared that she cried in the studio when recording her song “One & Only.” While Gowon’s training process was tough, she was able to push through, and a lot of this was thanks to her fellow members!

I received lots of help from the members.

— LOONA’s Gowon

5. IU revealing that she’s suffering from some new allergies


At a backstage interview for the 35th Golden Disc Awards, IU revealed that she recently developed many allergies due to her weakening immune system.

The truth is, I’ve recently developed many allergies due to my weakening immune system.

— IU


Due to these allergies, there are many products IU can no longer use.

There are many products I can no longer use, I can’t use sprays, and I can’t use oils, so I’ve become a very picky customer at the salon.

— IU


IU then thanked her stylists for all their hard work and said that she would get better soon!

Thank you for worrying and studying more than I do. I’ll get better soon and become healthy.

— IU