Over the years, there have been some fantastic covers of K-Pop songs by artists that didn’t originally sing the song. They’re a great way for the cover artist to not only show their talents outside of their typical discography, but also to show respect and admiration for the original artist.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

One thing that might be hard to figure out, however, is how to distribute the lines between members of the cover artist group, especially when it’s a different number than the members in the original artist group. With many covers, the lines are able to be distributed fairly evenly, but in others, there’s a pretty big gap between those with the most and least lines.

Red Velvet’s Wendy

Here are the line distributions of 15 K-Pop songs covered by other artists!

1. “Perfect Man” by Shinhwa (Covered by BTS)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T142015.502

2. “Décalcomanie” by MAMAMOO (Covered by SEVENTEEN)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T142753.671

3. “Playing With Fire” by BLACKPINK (Covered by A.C.E)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T143121.931

4. “So Hot” by Wonder Girls (Covered by BLACKPINK)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T143417.383

5. “I Need You” by BTS (Covered by Cosmic Girls)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T144116.639

6. “Psycho” by Red Velvet (Covered by 00s)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T145201.141

7. “Mirotic” by TVXQ! (Covered by The Boyz)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T151253.432

8. “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior (Covered by LOONA)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T151707.327

9. “TT” by TWICE (Covered by ITZY)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T152302.543

10. “Very Good” by Block B (Covered by ATEEZ)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T152905.679

11. “Fancy” by TWICE (Covered by Stray Kids)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T153224.980

12. “Black Suit” by Super Junior (Covered by CLC)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T153516.574

13. “Fake Love” by BTS (Covered by (G)I-DLE)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T154918.874

14. “Like Ooh-Ahh” by TWICE (Covered by GFRIEND)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T155204.977

15. “Me Gustas Tu” by GFRIEND (Covered by TWICE)

meta-chart - 2021-02-16T155843.795