Most often when K-Pop fans look into line distributions of songs from their favorite artists, they tend to look mostly at the title tracks, since they tend to get the most views and listens in an artist’s discography.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

There are plenty of B-sides, however, that definitely deserve more attention and recognition, and interestingly, sometimes the line distributions for these songs can look quite a bit different than those for title tracks.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

Here are the line distributions for 15 fan-favorite B-sides of 2020 based on Reddit’s top-voted K-Pop B-side tracks from the year.

15. “Surf” by ITZY

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T185143.774

14. “Maybe” by (G)I-DLE

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T180507.032

13. “Black Swan” by BTS

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T181559.350

12. “Red Sun” by Dreamcatcher

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T181846.301

11. “Untouchable” by EVERGLOW

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T182132.748

10. “Pretty Savage” by BLACKPINK

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T182349.767

9. “Universe” by LOONA

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T182919.755

8. “Easy” by Stray Kids

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T183206.107

7. “Jazz Bar” by Dreamcatcher

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T183430.285

6. “Up No More” by TWICE

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T184050.390

5. “Labyrinth” by GFRIEND

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T184409.680

4. “Naughty” by Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T184528.816

3. “Pantomime” by Cosmic Girls

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T185727.835

2. “Dolphin” by Oh My Girl

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T190142.262

1. “Star” by LOONA

meta-chart - 2021-02-06T190708.587