Recently, we created a list of the line distributions for the 15 most popular K-Pop songs of the 2010s. Since all but one of the songs were from BTS or BLACKPINK, this list has the same criteria, just without those two groups involved so other artists can be explored as well!

iKON’s Bobby

These artists are incredibly talented and popular in their own right, and looking through some of their most popular singles can give some insight into how their title tracks’ lines are distributed between members.

TWICE’s Dahyun

These are the line distributions for the 15 most popular K-Pop songs of the 2010s, outside of the powerhouses that are BTS and BLACKPINK!

15. “Feel Special” by TWICE

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T232411.812

14. “Heart Shaker” by TWICE

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T232712.787

13. “Just Right” by GOT7

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T234506.615

12. “Monster” by EXO

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T234758.908

11. “Love Shot” by EXO

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T235106.212

10. “Fancy” by TWICE

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T233000.452

9. “Like Ooh-Ahh” by TWICE

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T233330.271

8. “Cheer Up” by TWICE

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T233550.135

7. “What Is Love?” by TWICE

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T233741.294

6. “Love Scenario” by iKON

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T235620.898

5. “Fantastic Baby” by BIGBANG

meta-chart - 2021-02-10T000348.379

4. “BBoom BBoom” by MOMOLAND

meta-chart - 2021-02-10T001203.941

3. “Likey” by TWICE

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T233946.473


meta-chart - 2021-02-10T000754.932

1. “TT” by TWICE

meta-chart - 2021-02-09T234141.792