Oftentimes when sampling a group of K-Pop songs to look at how their lines are distributed, you’ll find a lot of songs with rather uneven distributions. It’s fairly common in the music genre, although some groups are definitely less prone to it than others!

SHINee’s Minho

Interestingly, though, most of the most popular songs from February have a pretty even, fair distribution of lines between members. Maybe this is just a coincidence, or maybe it’s a sign that companies are starting to recognize that it generally makes fans happier to see members be given lines more evenly.

aespa’s Karina

Here are the line distributions for the 15 most-watched K-Pop music videos from the month of February.

15. “Wanted” by MONSTA X

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T001136.252

14. “Zero:Attitude” by Soyou & IZ*ONE

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T001440.550

13. “Breaking Dawn” by The Boyz

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T001809.843

12. “Way Home” by TXT

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T002051.146

11. “Can We Talk Again” by PURPLEKISS

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T002441.241

10. “Doom Doom Ta” by TRI.BE

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T002704.072

9. “Wrap Me In Plastic” by MOMOLAND ft. CHROMANCE

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T003300.029

8. “All or Nothing” by WEi

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T003527.137

7. “Encore” by GOT7

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T003823.703

6. “Switch To Me” by Dahyun & Chaeyoung (TWICE)

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T004153.135

5. “Beautiful Beautiful” by ONF

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T004406.041

4. “Gimme Gimme” by NCT 127

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T004835.627

3. “Cinema” by CIX

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T005115.070

2. “Don’t Call Me” by SHINee

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T005400.378

1. “Forever” by aespa

meta-chart - 2021-03-03T005556.112