SBS survival audition program “K-Pop Star” successfully hosted preliminary rounds for the second season in Korea. The preliminary audition took place in Seoul over three days, starting from August 17. Participants appealed each of their own unique characteristics and talents in singing, dancing, instrument playing, and so on. They also did not hesitate to share their personal stories behind the reasons why they want to be the next K-Pop star.

Many contestants garnered attention by singing popular songs from the previous season like “Rolling in the Deep,” Yoon Hyun Sang‘s “Break Up Is Something You Should Not Do,” “Adult Child,” and “Mama Do.” Moreover, several contestants who were eliminated earlier in the previous season joined preliminary round for season 2 to showcase their improvements since the last audition. With a wider pool of participants in its preliminary round, “K-Pop Star” is looking forward to an upgraded season.

As soon as the national preliminary rounds are over, “K-Pop Star Season 2” will head to New York, Los Angeles, London, Vancouver, and Australia for its global preliminary audition starting in September.