SBS’s “Surival Idol K-Pop Star” has been confirmed to hold auditions in Argentina and Paris.

Park Sung Hoon PD of “K-Pop Star” stated, “Regardless of nationality, in order to find global talent, we will be holding auditions in Argentina for South America and Paris for Europe.” MBC’s “The Birth of a Great Star 2” is planning auditions in England, but this is the first time an audition program will be holding auditions in South America.

This does not seem unrelated to K-Pop’s popularity in Argentina, as evidenced by the 2nd K-Pop Latin America Competition to be held in September. Park PD continued, “In South America, I believe there will not only be overseas Koreans, but also a lot of original talent among the native contestants.

“K-Pop Star” is a joint audition program created by the collaboration of Korea’s three most powerful music labels: JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment. Presidents Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young of YGE and JYPE, respectively, have already been confirmed to take part in judging for the program. 

The dates for the overseas auditions have yet to be releases, but Soompi will be sure to report back as soon as the dates are finalized.

Do we have any Argentinian or Parisian Soompiers who are going to take a shot at this opportunity?

Source: Naver