Official profile pictures of the Top 8 contestants of SBS survival audition “K-Pop Star” are garnering much attention online. All eight contestants transformed into chic gentlemen and ladies in their black dresses and suits. These profile pictures were taken before “K-Pop Star” started airing live, and each contestant is displaying different characters and charms in these photos. 

Lee Ha Ee and Park Ji Min, who are always charismatic and absorbing on stage, were acting like typical teenage girls during the photo shoot. Especially Park Ji Min made everyone at the scene to burst into laughter by posing as if she was taking a sticker picture, because she was awkward and nervous about professional, on-studio, full body length profile pictures. Although Lee Ha Ee was cold with a blunt expression during the photo shoot, she soon turned into a cute, lively teenage girl again once she was done taking pictures.

Unlike the two nervous teenage girls, Lee Michelle and Baek Ah Yeon, who are slightly older than Lee Ha Ee and Park Ji Min, were more comfortable throughout the photo shoot. Lee Michelle was confident and energetic, while Baek Ah Yeon displayed unexpected talent in posing and modeling with her natural demeanor in front of the camera. 

The male contestants showcased their onstage charms through this photo shoot. Lee Seung Hoon knew exactly what to do with his body as a talented dancer and many staff members praised that his on-camera movements were of a professional model. On the contrary, Yoon Hyun Sang made continuous smaller and more delicate gestures to portray his elegance. Park Je Hyung posed naturally in front of the camera, bringing out his bright and positive charms, while Baek Ji Woong displayed refined masculinity in his photos.

Netizens commented, “Everyone looks great,” “They all look so professional,” “Why don’t they wear these outfits at one of the live performances?” “This looks like a magazine pictorial. Good luck to you all!”

The show’s staff stated, “A lot of viewers were surprised to see big transformations in these contestants’ appearances. Everyone is trying his or her best to show improvements in every single way. They put on-stage performance as their number one priority and have been practicing diligently every day.”

“K-Pop Star” will have its third live broadcasting on March 18. The Top 7 will be determined during this episode. The eight remaining contestants are currently fiercely practicing and preparing for their live performances as fans and viewers are showing high expectations for them and their upcoming performances.