K-Pop Star” contestants will work closely with their mentors the Wonder Girls, Teddy, and Kenzie.

On the previous episode of SBS’ “K-Pop Star,” the top six contestants were announced as the winners of the debut project. Each of the six finalists were evenly divided and cast to one of the top three K-Pop agencies (JYP, SM, and YG). The finalists will begin the process to survive to the top five as they will undergo special training with their agency. The results of their training and who will make it into the top five will be broadcast live on April 1.

Jin Young Park will, not only be judging the competition but also plans to, be directly involved with the production of his two chosen finalists Park Je Hyung and Baek Ah Yeon. Along with the support of the industry’s best experts, the JYP finalists will have the chance to receive coaching from the Wonder Girls who, up to this point, have been actively involved with the finalists. During the live broadcast the Wonder Girls displayed their extraordinary affinity for the finalists as they cheered enthusiastically for them.

Wonder Girls’ members Yoobin and Yenny especially surprised the staff with their passion as the two constantly were suggesting ideas and giving advice to the contestants. The devotion they showed the finalists, by concentrating on each and every minor detail, was as though they themselves were preparing for a Wonder Girls performance. Yenny cared for the finalists by even being concerned with their psychological health. Yoobin put her interest in fashion to good use as she helped the finalists with their styling.

The finalists chosen by YG, Lee Seung Hoon and Park Ji Min, will be in capable hands as they will have the opportunity to work with former 1TYM member, Teddy. As YG’s resident producer and hit-maker, he is responsible for most of the hit songs sung by YG artists like BIGBANG, 2NE1, Se7en, and Gummy. With skills in composing, writing, arranging, and producing, Teddy will be working his magic for the YG finalists as he will be producing their songs as well.

Finalists, Lee Ha Yi and Lee Michelle, will be working with another talented producer in SM’s Kenzie. Kenzie has worked with and produced hit songs for BoA, DBSK, f(x), Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and Super Junior.  With the caliber of stars involved has been causing much anticipation among viewers.

A “K-Pop Star” representative had this to say regarding next week’s episode, “SM, YG, and JYP are putting their best effort into the next stage. They are treating it as though they were training a new singer for their debut performance. The contestants have received the highest level of support from the agencies and the product will be a quality performance which is sure to rival that of a professional singer.”