Ku Hye Sun is now an ambassador for the Korean Fine Arts Association!

On September 17 at the neighborhood of Mok in Seoul, the association held a ceremony to appoint actress-turned-director Ku Hye Sun as the promotional ambassador. From now on, she will serve as a goodwill ambassador for a big art policy project organized by various international exhibitions and the Korea American Association.

A source from Korean Fine Arts Association revealed why she was chosen, saying, “Ku Hye Sun is an actress who has been expanding her career as a movie director, artist, writer, and more. We expect these various talents to be of great help to the development of Korean art.”

Also, Ku Hye Sun will attending the large-scale international exhibition at the Korean International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Ilsan on September 28 as an ambassador. The exhibition will have about 800 booths in all fields of art and the 2018 North Korean Art Festival.

Congratulations to Ku Hye Sun!

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