Ku Hye Sun opened up about whether she would ever cast her husband Ahn Jae Hyun in one of her films.

Ku Hye Sun appeared on MBC Radio’s “FM Film Music, This is Jung Eun Chae” on May 28 to talk about what she’s been up to. She recently screened “Mystery Pink,” her seventh film she has helmed as a director, at the Jeonju International Film Festival and was met with a positive response.

She shared that working as a director gives her the opportunity to look back on herself as an actress as she said, “I think I must have been hard to work with. Being a director teaches me to self-reflect a lot as an actress.” Ku Hye Sun also thanked leading actors Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Dong Geun for agreeing to appear in her latest short film.

When a listener asked if she’d ever cast her husband and fellow actor Ahn Jae Hyun in one of her films, Ku Hye Sun laughed and wittily replied, “If I ever film a movie with a very low budget, I’ll force him to appear in it.”

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