Actress Ku Hye Sun is releasing her first studio album on April 28!

Although the actress has released OSTs and put out singles and mini-albums throughout her career, this will be her first complete album.

The album is titled “And Spring” and features the title track “Stupid” as well as her previously released digital singles “Brown Hair,” “It’s You,” “Easy,” “Happy,” “Floral Rain,” “Fly Again,” “Marry Me,” and more. The album has a total of 11 songs.

With the exception of one track, Ku Hye Sun participated in the production and lyrics of all the songs on the album. Choi In Young was in charge of arrangements and production.

“Stupid” is said to be a refreshing acoustic song with the feeling of spring, and Ku Hye Sun composed it with Choi In Young after learning how to play the guitar in 2010. She used the song as an OST for the film “Magic,” which she directed, but rewrote it for the new album.

The track “Marry Me,” which was released in 2012, is drawing attention for its presence on the album due to her upcoming marriage with Ahn Jae Hyun on May 21.

Meanwhile, Ku Hye Sun recently wrapped up filming for a Chinese drama that started filming in November. The drama is expected to air sometime in the later half of the year.

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