On August 30th’s episode of “Strong Heart,” Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun confessed that Super Junior members were not friendly when he first joined the group. Kyuhyun said, “I had only trained for three months before I joined the group. The group was already big, so I thought they would not welcome me.” Kyuhyun continued that when he first went to their dorm, they told him to sleep anywhere. So carrying only a luggage bag, he moved floor to floor to sleep next to Sungmin’s bed for a month, next to Donghae‘s a month, and so on for a total of nine months.

Kyuhyun also revealed how he made Leeteuk furious with ramen. “I had to cook ramen for 13 people. It was my first time cooking for so many people. And I put too much water, making the ramen tasteless.” After tasting the ramen, Leeteuk angrily threw his chopsticks and wanted to know who cooked it.”

After the episode aired, Korean netizens commented, “It was hilarious to see Leeteuk so embarrassed when Kyuhyun confessed!” and “It was nice to see the behind stories of Super Junior members who are now so caring and friendly to each other.”