In a recent interview, Kwak Dong Yeon shared his hopes of being a good person.

The actor is featured in the May issue of fashion magazine The Star. In the pictorial, he exuded his sexy charms through his good looks and charismatic gaze. After the photo shoot, he participated in an honest interview about his goals.

Kwak Dong Yeon shared, “I want to become a good person and a good actor. Ever since I was little, I thought that becoming a good person comes first. I’ve always thought that you should be a good person before you make it big in any field. I want to at least be someone who gives positive energy to the people around me.”

In his latest drama “Radio Romance,” Kwak Dong Yeon (who is well known for his role in the KBS’s “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds“) played a handsome psychiatrist named Jason.

You can check out the completed drama below!

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