Kwak Si Yang boldly displays his affection for Kim So Yeon by holding her hand as they take a walk together. 

We Got Married” will show Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon’s life as a virtual married couple on the upcoming episode which will air on September 12. The viewers will enjoy watching younger Kwak Si Yang’s masculine side taking charge as Kim So Yeon shyly and frankly speaks her mind.

They’re still awkward and shy around each other since their first meeting. Kwak Si Yang sees Kim So Yeon keeping her distance as they are taking a walk around their neighborhood. But Kwak Si Yang gathers courage and grabs her hand saying, “We’re married. We shouldn’t be walking so far apart from each other.”

Even with such a sudden advance in their physical intimacy, Kim So Yeon doesn’t seem to mind although shy about it. She makes everyone laugh by saying, “The whole world looks so different now.”

Responding to the fans cheering them on, Kwak Si Yang goes one step further by shouting confidently, “We are married!” as Kim So Yeon sweetly shows off “her husband.”

we got married-kim so yeon

“We Are Married” airs on Saturdays at 4:50 p.m.

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