Kwanghee recently revealed that he would go into hiding in bathrooms just to avoid meeting people, and also shared why he went to that extent!

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On a recent episode of MBC’s My Working Vlog, mall employee Jang Hwan Suk shared his vlog of working at a shopping mall. In the vlog, Jang Hwan Suk was seen working busily without any time off.

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Because it is an office building complex, there are secret areas where there aren’t any mall employees.

While watching the video, Kwanghee couldn’t help but sympathize with his grievances at work, and shared his go-to place for avoiding people at broadcast stations!

There is an editing room on the sixth floor of the MBC broadcasting station. I used to rest in the sixth-floor bathroom.


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Kwanghee then shared that the reason he hid at that specific bathroom was because there were no other celebrities on that floor. Since it was just the editing floor, celebrities wouldn’t go there, and he could get some well-deserved calm and peace for a bit!

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If I bump into a celebrity, I have to greet and bow to them.


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