ZE:A‘s Kwanghee has reportedly been getting more commercial endorsement opportunities since joining MBC‘s “Infinity Challenge.”

According to associates on June 17, since Kwanghee joined “Infinity Challenge” as the Sixth Man, he filmed a number of commercials. Recently, he filmed one for instant noodles and another for a game app. He also filmed a commercial for a popular drink that only the most popular celebrities are invited to sponsor, also a makeup commercial.

It seems that his friendly and bright image on “Infinity Challenge” has given him a boost of popularity to all ages, and the companies are taking advantage of that by using him as their CF model.

An associate of Kwanghee’s management company said, “The commercial deals began to come in since he was being discussed for the ‘Infinity Challenge’ Sixth Man spot. Recently, since he’s shown that he’s been able to adjust well to ‘Infinity Challenge,’ he’s been getting a lot more commercial offers.” They explained, “They seem to like Kwanghee’s friendly, bright, and fun image.”

Meanwhile, Kwanghee is getting a ton of love for his work on “Infinity Challenge” since officially joining the permanent cast in May. Recently, he provided the viewers with laughs by going abroad for extreme part-time work.

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