During a recent interview, Kwanghee gushes about his experience as HwangTaeGee with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang. He says, “I feel so great. I got to sing a new musical genre that I never got to sing as a ZE:A member. It was a great experience for me. A great chance for me to work hard and show everyone that I’m a singer.” He adds, “It’s so amazing to get to know G-Dragon and Taeyang whom I’ve been such a fan of.” When asked if they still keep in touch, he responds right away, “Yes, we can’t lose touch. We’re getting together soon.”

Through “Infinity Challenge Music Festival 2015,” Kwanghee was able to make himself more widely known as a new cast member of the show. Is he feeling more at home with the show? To that question, Kwanghee says, “The pressure is still there. I haven’t done enough yet. I only got to be on the Classic, the Delivery, and the Music Festival. I’m always nervous.”

Even after landing his spot on “Infinity Challenge,” he has continued working on other shows like KBS 2TV’s “Vitamin,” EBS’s “The Best Recipes,” KBS W’s “Beauty Bible 2015,” validating his nickname, “Variety Show Idol.”

When asked if he has a desire to be on even more popular programs, he replies,”I believe in loyalty. Other producers have complimented me saying how funny I am since I started to appear on ‘Infinity Challenge.’ I’m more motivated to work harder on other programs thanks to ‘Infinity Challenge.’ However, I do feel the pressure. I’m afraid the producers of other shows I’m on might think I’m not performing my best compared to my work on ‘Infinity Challenge.’”

He briefly touches on the topic of being in a slump. “The tables turn quickly in the world of variety shows. People wonder if I’m not popular anymore if I stop appearing on popular programs. I wouldn’t call it a slump, but I did have a tough period in my life. I had to appear happy and positive all the time, but I couldn’t stand being compared to other successful peers.”

Speaking of working as a singer versus working as a variety show star, Kwanghee notes, “These two fields are so different, yet I feel like I can find my own niche while focusing on doing good work. I started out as an idol star, but I have more fun when I emcee or appear on variety shows. I feel more alive when I’m emceeing. I also feel energized when I work with members who started out at the same time as me.”


He also conveys his heartfelt gratitude toward ZE:A members who cheered him on during “Infinity Challenge Music Festival 2015.” He says they really enjoyed the show and even suggested that we get back together to do a similar song. However, he concludes by saying that the nine member group has quite a different style that is uniquely their own.

Meanwhile, Kwanghee’s first episode of “Beauty Bible 2015” for the second half of the year will air on September 15. Kwanghee is an integral part of the show as he emcees along with model Kang Seung Hyun and Secret’s Hyosung sharing his beauty know-hows.

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