Kwon Sang Woo praised the theme song of “Pain” that was sung by Yim Jaebeum.

Kwon Sang Woo stated on August 31st, “I always liked Yim Jaebeum and when I heard that he would sing the theme song I was very excited. When I saw the music video that was introduced on the movie homepage, I got goose bumps because his voice and the emotions of the song fit in well with the movie.” The film will be released on September 7.

“Pain” tells the story of a man Nam Soon (Kwon) who cannot feel pain due to a medical condition acquired in childhood and a woman Dong Hyun (Jung) who is the polar opposite, one who is entirely sensitive to even the slightest bit of pain.  The film will follow how these characters interact and fall in love.  Ma Dong Suk completes the cast.