Kyungri, Keumjo, and Euaerin of Nine Muses (9MUSES) were special guests on “Gag Concert – Like It Or Not.” It seems that Kyungri knows Hong Hweon, one of the comedians on the show, which allowed her to make an appearance.


She said that she will ask Kwanghee to join the fan club of “Like It Or Not,” and shared an episode of Kwanghee. She said, “I had a photo of when I was a student on my phone, and I showed it to Kwanghee once.” Shockingly, he said, “I guess you also spent about 20 million won (approximately $17,000) on plastic surgery, huh?”

However, Kyungri said, “I actually didn’t go through any plastic surgery at all. I’m naturally beautiful!”

Hong Hweon was one step ahead of her, and he even had a picture of Kyungri from her student days in his possession. He shared this picture with the audience, saying, “I think you look a bit like .” Kyungri, upset since she wasn’t expecting her old photo to be shown, got rid of the picture quickly.

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